Our founder, Dr. "KO" (aka: "DocKO"), has a very unique set of qualifications outside of his dental degree. Prior to becoming a dentist he studied psychology and sociology, then conducted sociological and socio-economic research for major corporations and national healthcare organizations.

After earning his dental degree, DocKO became a highly sought-after expert in the realm of diagnosing the social psychology of healthcare, not from the doctor's perception, but from the patient's perception.

In 1995 Dr. "KO" designed and supervised the first ever international sociological research project which examined an age-old conflict of perception as to why patients say they "hate their dentist". Based on this research project and many other research projects over the cost of 25 years, DocKO developed a very different philosophical approach to what constitutes "care" in health-care which was highlighted in a TED talk in 2019.

He has presented workshops and training programs throughout North America, is a keynote speaker at healthcare conferences, and has sat on the Board of Directors for numerous regional, national and international healthcare organizations.

At Veritas Dental, all members of our healthcare team have been extensively trained in how to provide healthcare services using a holistic medical approach focused on the perspective of the patient's needs, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.