We aim to create healthy relationships based on a mutual understanding of honour and respect, fortified by the pillars of accountability, responsibility, and integrity, then sustained by reciprocal faith and trust.

Veritas Ethos

The fundamental character or spirit of the Veritas culture is to provide you with genuine care - not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This is the essence of holistic medicine.

Dr. "K.O."

Dr. Kevin is one of the Veritas Dental Society's senior leaders. He graduated 33 years ago and has a long history of serving the dental profession provincially, nationally and internationally. Please refer to his LinkedIn profile for a comprehensive list of his credentials as well as his professional accomplishments.

Dr. "H.T."

Dr. Haseeb graduated from dental school in 2014 and during the past 8 years has focused his post graduate training on prosthodontics and periodontics. A member of the Veritas Dental Society since 2020, he is excited to welcome new patients who want to experience the Veritas Difference.