If you are the type of dental professional who wants to work with truly colleagues that are truly dedicated to the highest level of patient care, not just with respect to excellent quality dentistry, but in terms have having others respect you for your clinical skills and patient-centered philosophy, then Veritas Dental is the kind of fit you are looking for.

A staff member at a Veritas Dental Society clinic will receive more training and post-graduate training than any other place of employment. Part of the "Veritas Diffference" is a firm commitment to all team members that we will invest time, resources and finances into providing dedicated dental professionals with unparalleled opportunities to achieve your highest goals and to realize your highest potential.


Send your resume to careers@veritasdental.ca with a custom written cover letter that explains why the philosophy you have read on this website is exactly the kind of philosophy that syncs with what your idea of being a health "care" provider really means.