Clinic hours

We know our patients lead busy lives which is why our doctors and staff are committed to working 12-hour shifts, and this is why we make appointments available 6 days a week, including all day Saturdays. So if your employer doesn't make allowances for healthcare appointments, you can still have your treatment needs met outside of normal work hours.

Special service for special needs

Both Dr. Haseeb & Dr. Orieux have invested years in post-doctoral training with dental specialists within the fields of pedodontics (children's dentistry), endodontics (root canals), orthodontics (braces) and facial orthopedics (improving facial symmetry and aesthetics).

Pedodontics (Children's Dentistry)

A dentist who is gentle and caring with a child is a dentist who will be gentle and caring with an adult. At the Veritas Dental, our mission is to achieve both goals. If a family dental practice takes the effort to build an arcade to cater to kids, then that's probably a pretty good sign that the dental staff will be focused on making any dental treatment a fun experience.

Our greatest source of referrals come from mothers speaking to mothers, telling them how we go to great lengths to 'connect' with their children.

Our second greatest source of referrals is from our little patients telling their friends about our hundred square foot movie screen, pinball machine, foosball table and interactive video games. As much as it might sound like a paradox, when you see the lengths we've gone to in order to engage our younger patients, you'll understand why people say that a visit to the Veritas Dental is the definition of fun.

Endodontics (Root Canals)

Dr. Orieux was mentored for 5 years by Dr. Fred Weinstein, one of Canada's premiere endodontists, at the Fairview Endodontic Study Club.

At the Veritas Dental, patients requiring root canal therapy can receive NSRCT, often the same day they present with signs and symptoms (emergency services available). Additionally, if you have dental insurance, our office is prepared to bill your insurance on your behalf rather than have you pay the full treatment fee up-front.

Once the root canal treatment is completed we can also provide cosmetic fibre-reinforced posts and white fillings, then follow-up with all-porcelain cosmetic crowns to prevent future tooth fractures.

Orthodontics & Facial Orthopedics

While most people understand that orhtodontics is a way to straighten teeth, fewer people are aware of facial orthopedics and how this treatment modality can be used to influence bone development during the pre-pubescent stage of growth.

What this means, in laymen's terms, is that facial orthopedics can prevent those with genetic predispositions to excessive underbites, overbites and crossbites, thus avoiding the need for jaw surgery in the late teen/early adult years.

With facial orthopedics bone growth can be influenced to provide better facial symmetry and aesthetics. More importantly, facial orthopedics can eliminate (in all but the most severe cases) the need to extract premolars or molars as part of orthodontic treatment.

For the past 21 years, Dr. Orieux has been a member of the International Straight-Wire and Orthopedic Study Club, mentored by world-reknowned orthodontist, Dr. Bernardo H. "Coco" Garcia.

The Veritas Dental provides orthodontic appointments during evening hours and Saturdays, thus minimizing interruptions in your child's education. Additionally, as with our endodontic treatment, the Veritas Dental will bill your dental insurance companies on your behalf rather than having you pay for treatment up-front.